Lord Have Mercy A Christian Doctor Who Believes Abortion is Morally Right!

Reader meet, Dr. Willie Parker who is a confessing born-again Christian doctor who not only performs abortions but also advocates for the morality of the pro-choice movement. Dr. Parker is very vocal about his position, and his recently released book, “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice”, explains why he feels performing abortions on women is, in fact, helping them. Dr. Parker is a 54-year-old, African-American Christian, who splits his time between Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama performing abortions.

Church Announcement:Bishop Rudolph W McKissick In Need Of Our Prayers.

Reader, according to The Bethel Church Facebook page, Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick was rushed to the ER Sunday afternoon with chest pains. The doctors are continuing to run tests but the church is celebrating that it was not a heart attack. They are believing  the report of The Lord and are asking that we all join them in lifting him in prayer for his total healing and recovery.

Bishop T.D.Jakes REVOLUTIONIZING The World Helping People Find Passion, Power & Purpose.

Reader I love the articleMonarch Magazinedid on Bishop T.D.Jakes. The following statement is from the bishop's Instagram page:

Happy Palm Sunday, Palm Sunday Is The Path To The Cross!

Reader, does your church celebrate Palm Sunday? Today official ends the "Lent" season and begins "Passion Week." Back in my old church (First Missionary Baptist Church) we would celebrate Palm Sunday by laying palm leaves up and down the aisles of the church in remembrance. 

The Seven Last Words A Tradition Within The Black Church Community!

Reader, the last seven words of Christ services has been a long-standing tradition within the mostly black church community. Once again, "The Seven Last Words" program will be hosted by “the word network” live  April 14, 2017, at Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore MD.

Who Can Check The Pulpit When It's In Error??

Reader I found this on my timeline, read it and tell me what you think. Is Joyce implying that Jesus was dead and in hell then God told the demons to let Him go? That God resurrected Jesus from the dead? That Jesus was in hell tormented? 
As popular as Joyce Meyer is among women, I wonder do they examines her teaching .. Even Paul was checked by scripture .. This is pure blasphemy .. Even demons know better.

Pastor Chris Hill Of The Potter's House Denver Church Has Been Removed From Bishop Jakes International Pastors & Leadership Conference.

Reader according to a currently circulating report on these streets, Pastor Chris Hill of The Potter's House Denver has been removed from Bishop Jakes International Pastors & Leadership Conference.....amid allegations from his wife that he has been having an affair with one of their church members.

Naming Nashville Overpass After Bishop Joseph Walker Stirs Debate!!

Reader, naming a Nashville overpass after megachurch Bishop Joseph Walker III has stirred a debate among council members over maybe a "more deserving pastor" in the community.

Metrosexuals And The Man Shortage! What The Bible Say About Women Marrying Homosexual Men??

Reader Pastor Gary Price, pastor at Omega Church and Evangelistic Ministries is a dynamic sound Bible teacher. On the church, next upcominglive stream broadcastPastor Price will deal with a subject matter and questions that most churches seem to shy away from. 

Ex-worship Leader Israel Houghton Faces Foreclosure Of Family Home!

Reader, a Texas bank wants Israel Houghton's ex-wife and kids out of the family home ASAP after he didn't make his mortgage payments. 

On the heels of moving into his NEW home with his NEW wife (Adrienne Bailon), Israel Houghton's family house that he shared with his ex-wife, Malissa, and their three children, is in foreclosure reportedly due to the fact that Houghton has defaulted on the mortgage loan for almost a year.

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. And Lady Mae Blake At The Inaugural Ball!

Reader this pictures says it all. Congratulations Bishop Blake and First Lady Mae Blake, you both look absolutely beautiful.

Historic Black Church Receives $3 Million Gift To Pay Off Mortgage

Reader, there's a lot of speculation on who this anonymous donor might have been.  (Thanks, Henry for the tip)

 A historic black church in Pennsylvania is counting its blessings after an anonymous donor reportedly gifted the establishment over $3 million to help pay off its mortgage. Rev. Richard Dent of the First African Baptist Church in Sharon Hill told local news he’s giving God all the credit. “This is a blessing,” he told Fox29 last weekend. “It’s unexpected, but we just can’t stop giving. We just gave the Lord the credit. This could not have been done without Him.” 

Dent said he received a call from Citizens Bank in January informing him that an anonymous donor had gifted the church $3.1 million to go toward its mortgage. The First African Baptist Church congregation formed in 1903 and has been a staple in the town for decades. “In the black community, the church is the only thing we ever had to call our own,” Dent said. “When we couldn’t go to Civic Center or Union League, w…

Bishop George Bloomer Releases Compelling BREAK LOOSE Book On Finding Freedom From Toxic Traps and Spiritual Bondage!

Reader Bishop George Bloomer is a best-selling author, the founder and senior pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center, a multicultural congregation in Durham, North Carolina, and the host of the national TV show "Rejoice in Word" on The Word Network. Bishop Bloomer is the author of numerous of books, including Authority Abusers, More of Him, Wisdom Walk and the national best-seller, Witchcraft in the Pews which has sold over a million copies and remains a perpetual bestseller.

Let Us Pray For Bishop Charles E. Blake As He Leads The Grand Ole Church Of God In Christ!!

Reader Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. has been installed for the next quadrennial, let us commit to pray for, love, and support our leader. 

Church Announcement For April 4, 2017: Govern Yourself Accordingly!


Trump adviser Omarosa postpones her wedding to Pastor John Allen Newman after death threats and backlash from members of his Florida church.

Reader 45 biggest supporter Omarosa Manigault postponed and relocated her upcoming wedding to Pastor John Allen Newman because of concerns about her safety and backlash from her fiancé’s church.  Wait a minute, If you are inviting someone to your wedding that needs a background check to attend - they probably shouldn't be invited in the first place.IJS! The former reality star, turned Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for President Donald Trump, was supposed to get married on March 25 at the church her fiancé oversees, The Sanctuary @ Mt. Calvary in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Why Have The White Reformed Crowd Turned On Christian Rapper Lecrae??

Reader, it's a doggone shame at the amount of pushback Lecrae is receiving from some of his followers. Most of the backlash is not coming from the Osteen/Copeland crowd, but coming from the reformed one. The group that Lecrae was connected with in the beginning. Which are mostly white.
Anyhow mind you, if Lecrae was reading something about John Calvin or Charles Spurgeon, the people who have an issue with what he posted would be cheering him on. But because it's a book about Black heroes in the faith, all of a sudden they have a problem with it. Those who claim they see no race are just flat out lying.
Read the hateful comments here:
Check out Lecrae's response below the cut. 

The Bible Can Be Used To Justify Anything We Want It To Justify: Texas Republican Uses The Bible To Justify Cuts To SNAP Benefits, The Unemployed “Shall Not Eat”.

Reader the Republicans love the Bible—or at least, some of it. One verse they particularly love is 2nd Thessalonians 3:10, which says:

For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

Missing DC Girls And The Sin Of Selective Outrage!!

Reader thanks to Relevant Magazine for this well written and thought out piece. The crisis of missing black girls in D.C. and across the nation needs more attention than it’s getting.

Should Christians Support The Movie "The Case For Christ"? Y'all Do Know That The Lead Actresses Is A Known Scentology Advocate and Practices It?

Reader, there's yet another Christian movie "The Case for Christ" coming out on April 7th. The movie is about a seasoned journalist chasing down the biggest story in history. Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a dozen experts with doctorates who are specialists in the areas of old manuscripts, textual criticism, and biblical studies.

Does Coexist Means Compromise? Is Google Image COEXIST Pushing Antichrist New Age Religion & New World Order??

Reader yesterday Google had this awesome picture on their web page encouraging unity and for everyone to coexist together. It was designed by a15-year-old Connecticut student Sarah Harrison....the Google Doodle design included inclusion, diversity, faiths, cultures, skin color, abilities, gender and more.

Dallas Pastor Arrested For Theft Of Up To $500K!

Reader a Dallas Pastor is in hot water for high-end shopping sprees, personal car payments and unexplained hotel room rentals. These are among the allegations being made against Dallas Pastor Wade Davis, who's accused of funneling half a million dollars in church money to his own pocket.

So What, If Keke Wyatt's Is Pregnant With Her 9th Child?!??!?!

Reader, why's social media going in on R&B singer, Keke Wyatt after it was revealed Thursday that she's expecting her 9th child at 35?  She's a married woman and a child is a blessing from God. Why does she have to stop having kids with her "husband" to appease the public?

Nicki Minaj Is On Record Stating That A Demon Live Inside Of Her, So Why In The World Would She Be Out Here Praying For Tasha Cobbs Family And Ministry?

Reader, Rap sensation Nicki Minaj, who isn't exactly known for her wholesome, family-friendly lyrics, issued a powerful prayer via Instagram. 

"Now God, we claim a supernatural, double portion blessing over Tasha's marriage, family, health & MUSIC this year," Minaj posted on behalf of newlywed gospel superstar Tasha Cobbs. "Expand her borders that MILLIONS MORE would be blessed by her MINISTRY of song!

"Should Christians Go To Nightclubs? Is Clubbing A Sin?"

Reader, I'm sure we have probably discussed this topic once before here but...should Christians go to nightclubs? The above picture of Worship Leader Israel Houghton and new wife Adrienne Bailon were found on my Facebook feed.

The bible refers to partying and clubbing as part of our “sinful nature” and anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God.(Galatians 5:18-21).

Should Christians Join The Masonic Lodge?

Reader this debate among Christians will forever be taking place, Christianity should avoid all appearances of evil. Christians should not be members of a Masonic lodge.

Lord Have Mercy, Vice President Mike Pence Is Being Criticized For Honoring His Wife???

Reader so the Vice President is being criticized for honoring his wife? I can't see how this is creepy as some are trying to make it out to be. It's part of his faith and even though I don't agree with Pence I respect any religion. People are trying to pull Jesus into the debate but, don’t understand they are not Jesus, Jesus had no sin, we have a sin nature.

Is The Church The Answer To Racial Reconciliation??

Reader Jesus washing the feet of the disciples (John 13:1–17) occurred in the upper room, just prior to the Last Supper and has significance in three ways. For Jesus, it was the display of His humility and His servanthood. For the disciples, the washing of their feet was in direct contrast to their heart attitudes at that time. For us, washing feet is symbolic of our role in the body of Christ. With that being said please join me in thanking Victory World Church for this beautiful message and illustration. The pastor washes the feet of a young black man and explains why he thinks the saying "Make America Great Again" only applies to one set of people.

Is It Possible For Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake To Have Great Success With Influencing The Thinking Of Donald Trump, Like He Did In The Past With President Obama?

Reader, what are your thoughts about the above comment which was posted by a COGIC elder? Do you agree, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake is an example of a servant in leadership who has become a voice to the nations to uphold the standards of holiness?
 He is known to many as being an eloquent, compassionate and practical leader, as well as a humanitarian and an advocate with a God-given gift for ministering to the whole man. Thoughts??

The Saints Are Coming To Nashville, Tennessee!!

Reader, the saints are coming to Nashville, Tennessee. The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. 102nd Summer Convention is July 30 - August 5, 2017, featuring Bishop Sherman Merritt, Bishop-Elect Gwendolyn Weeks,  Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Marvin Sapp, Presiding Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III, Apostle Darnell Dixon, Bishop Joseph Walker.