How Can Christians Know for Sure That They Are Saved??

Reader, how can Christians know for sure that they are saved?  Matthew 7:21-23 is one of the most alarming passages in the Bible. It warns that not everyone who claims Jesus as their Lord is sincerely saved. This means that many think they know Christ, but will come to find out that they never truly knew Him in a saving way. I can vividly remember reading this passage many times in the past and being shaken to the core. The false-conversion idea is echoed in the Parable of the Sower of Mark 4:1-20. 

Question Of The Day: Can A Trans Woman Have The Same Experiences As A Cis Women???

Reader, it's so sad, that this beautiful woman is being targeted for defending genuine womanhood. How on earth can she be getting so much flack from online for this informed and reasonable opinion?"
I think that trans women are trans women," Adichie said. "I think the whole problem of gender in the world is about our experiences. It's not about how we wear our hair or whether we have a vagina or penis, it's about the way the world treats us. "And I think if you've lived in the world as a man, with the privileges that the world accords to men, and then sort of changed, switched gender, it's difficult for me to accept that then we can equate your experience with the experience of a woman who has lived from the beginning in the world as a woman, and who has not been accorded those privileges that men have."

So Omarsoa Is Now The Gatekeeper Between Black America And "45"???

Reader Buzzfeed posted a profile early in the week of Omarosa Manigault called (“The Gatekeeper") which is some what a interesting read. Omarosa is the well known vixen of Trump's Celebrity Apprentice show from a few years back, but who is she really?..and what exactly is her role within 45 adminstration.??  

Pope Francis Says He's Open To Married Men Becoming Priests,To Combat The "Enormous Problem" Of A Shortage Of Clergy.

Reader, what's your thought, Pope Francis or rather "The church" has revealed that the Catholic Church may be considering allowing married men with "long commitment to the church" to become ordained as Catholic priests? Are they trying to cover the sins of married priests that took the oath of celibacy? After all, "whatever we bind on earth, will be bound in heaven." 


Question Of The Day? Would You—or Should You—Ever Attend a Gay Wedding?

Reader I would love to hear what you have to say about this topic. Would you attend a gay wedding of a daughter, son, neighbor, cousin or a co-worker, does that makes you one, who embraces sin?  And if you wouldn’t attend, does that make you an ultra-conservative hate-mongering bigoted?  

Are *Pastors* Now Burning Their Churches Down To Collect The Insurance Money?!??!

Reader it's being alleged by Pastor Thaddeus Matthews out of the Memphis TN area, that Pastor Stephen L. Brown might be guilty of burning his own churches down.

COGIC Will Honor Mother Willie Mae Rivers For The Last Time On The Internationa Stage At This Years 67th Annual Women's Convention.

Reader I'm guessing this "Love Shower" for Mother Willie Mae Rivers could possible be the final recognition for her many years of service on the church international stage. Early in the month Mother Willie Mae Rivers were honored by Bishop Charles Blake as she retired as leader of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DEPT. Her successor is MOTHER MCCOO LEWIS who has been a Supervisor since the 80's in the largest Jurisdiction in the COGIC.

At Least For One Day, Young Chance The Rapper Gave Us All Something To Cheer For!??!?!?!

Reader this situation really provoke anger in me, ok so Chance the rapper just donated $1 million to Chicago public schools and pretty much told some in office how to do there job after having a meeting with them. Now they want to put him on the front cover exposing about his child support case?  I'm not feeling the attack that is level against this young man at this present moment.

Yesterday a news article written by a black woman was released by the Sun Times talking about chance the rapper child support situation. This article was to deflect from the good deed that young man did

Bishop T.D. Jakes Shares Four Steps For Effective Preaching!

Reader Bishop T.D. Jakes has earned a reputation for being one of the most prolific, dynamic and gifted preachers of our day. So how does he do it? The Potter’s House of Dallas leader is giving away some of his tried and true tips to help ministers of the gospel be more effective in relaying the important truths of the Bible to an audience. “A message on Sunday morning doesn’t start in the pews and it doesn’t start on Saturday night,” explains Jakes in a video recently posted on his Bishop’s Village website. “It starts with respecting God’s word and loving God’s word, and doing your best with the gifts you’ve been given to be excellent at what He called you to do. It’s how I give service to Him.” For those seeking a simple breakdown of steps, the best-selling author of Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose gives away a recipe which he shares with new ministers to help them. Below are the four pointers:

Lakewood Church Associate Pastor John Gray lll First Book, Foreword Written By Pastor Joel Osteen.

Reader congratulation to John Gray Associate Pastor at America’s largest church, Lakewood Church,   
for the upcoming release of his first book, “I Am Number 8: Overlooked and Undervalued, but Not Forgotten by God.” The book foreword is written by Pastor  Joel Osteen.

Church Announcement:

Reader, join Reid's Records as they present their 6th annual Gospel celebration. This year will showcase 5 Living Legends on One Stage and they feature Pastor Shirley Caesar, Paul Porter, LaShun Pace, Douglas Miller, & The Rance Allen Group. Tickets are available now and if you want more information about the concert and ticket prices go to

Look At The Church Standing In Agreement With Deon Kipping For Divine Healing!

Reader, please help and pray, this amazing man of God is battling stage 3 colon cancer...the communities are trying to raise 24k in 24 hours for treatment. 

Man Claims Creflo Dollar Turned Him Catholic!!!!

Reader, "The prosperity Gospel movement is bizarre given that Jesus was unequivocal about wealth ...," says man who claims Creflo Dollar turned him Catholic.

Bobby Brown & Lil Kim Try To Contact The Dead?!?!!?!?

Reader, I got attack online the other day by a well-known online cook with a huge enormous number of followers, for stating that Mediums like Tyler Henry are really workers of evil and we should stay clear of them. Especially if you are one of the ones holding up the Christian banner.  There is nothing lower than exploiting someone's grief then exposing and using it to make money. However, what's even worse is that people actually fall for it.  This is horrible and ugly and the sad thing is since it is celebs doing it folks think you can too.

Rapper Lil Kim and R&B singer Bobby Brown sit down with Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry... 

Why is it Donald Trump can make a statement that is obviously a lie, about President Obama and Christians try and explain it away?

Thank you, Apostle Leslie Richardson for the following post, in which I 100% agree with:

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Should Take Back Bishop Eddie Long's Award!!!

Reader, even in death Bishop Eddie Long's name can not find rest. Some members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity are saying Bishop Long was not worthy of such a distinction award given out by the fraternity for an ideal Kappa man. 

The Wrong Place To Be A Boss *****???

Reader somethings ought to be covered up. Can you imagine sitting behind this person during a worship services? I believe in freedom of speech with the right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction. But by the same token your freedom of expression shouldn't stand in the way of my freedom.

Lord Have Mercy, Pastor Darrell Scott Being Sued For Back Rent!

Reader, look at Pastor Darrell Scott now, all that butt kissing by Cleveland Heights Pastor Darrell Scott who has ties to 45, is now being sued for back rent on a home in Solon that was allegedly paid for by his church. Darrell Scott, Pastor at New Spirit Revival Center at 3130 Mayfield Road, is named in a lawsuit filed in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Much love Too All The Prince Hall Masons!

Reader March 6 on this date in 1775, several black men, including one named Prince Hall, were initiated into Freemasonry in Boston. This marked the beginning of what became a huge movement or organization in the United States known as Prince Hall Masonry, composed mainly of African American Men.

Happy Anniversary to all Prince Hall Mason Brothers.

Is It OK For Christians To Use Marijuana?

Reader, is it ok for Christians to use marijuana?Are Christians hypocrites? Why is it ok to purchase alcohol and wine as a Christian, but if you confess to smoking pot, somehow your a drug addict?  A growing number of Christians today believe that it is biblically permissible to use cannabis recreationally. Are they right?

Apostle Frederick K.C. Price Transfer Of Anointing To His Son For The Next Generation!!

Reader, today March 5, 2017, during Sunday morning service at Crenshaw Christian Center in South LA, Apostle Frederick K. C. Price passed the anointing along to his only son for the next up and coming generation. 

For decades, Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) was synonymous with Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, the legendary founder and pastor of the world-renowned ministry. Now, as CCC approaches its 44th year, another Price is the head shepherd– Frederick Kenneth, Jr. – who aims to build on the legacy of his father to take the church to the next level. 

Why Do The Saints Dislike Prophetess Juanita Bynum So???

Reader, ok so maybe I'm to serious but I really want to know why the saints dislike Prophetess Juanita Bynum so? I don't get it....seriously help me out. What is it that she do so wrong? I'm not refuting or taking sides here,  I just want to know why. For the record I don't think Kev On Stage is funny at all. I don't follow his work nor do I follow his social media pages. But, from time to time his videos do show up on my timeline. 

Apostle Brian Keith Williams response to Kev On Stage mocking of Prophetess Juanita Bynum and also a post accusing her of other egregious things.

Islam Is On Track To Overtake Christianity As The World's Largest Religion.

Reader, Islam is on track to overtake Christianity as the world’s largest religion. That’s according to Pew Research Center, which projects that roughly 30 years from now there will be as many Muslims on Earth as there are Christians.

Milestone In The Making: Reinhard Bonnke Plans Farewell Crusade in Nigeria, November 2017.

Reader, sad to see Mr. Reinhard retire, but he has served God very well for many years.....millions of souls saved in Africa and other nations!!!!! God bless you, sir.  

Let's Put A Praise On It, Tasha Cobbs Got Married!!

Reader, congratulations to one of my favorite gospel vocalists, Tasha Cobbs. Multi Dove, Stellar and Grammy Award winner, urban contemporary gospel musician Tasha now Mrs. Leonard! Love is a beautiful thing!

The Bamboozling Of HBCU Presidents!!

Reader, this article clearly states HBCU leadership agreed to meet up with 45 for a purpose. The purpose was to discuss the condition of the institutions. However, Trump did a bait and switch. This must be a lesson learned. No more closed door meetings with 45. All 45 did was move the HBCU initiative from the Department of Education to the Executive Office of the President. After a meeting between the Trump administration and over 100 HBCU presidents, Morehouse College President John Wilson Jr. issued a statement Thursday that essentially said the result of their meeting with Trump was an Instagram photo.

Disney Just Aired its First Same-Sex Cartoon Kiss!?!?!?!?

Reader, tell me if you agree with Franklin Graham comment below? 

Christians Hear The Word "Horny" And Go Crazy!!!

Reader, coming to a symposium near you...the "Holy & Horny" crowd can now stand united as one.  That is according to social media.  DiShan Washington national bestselling author will be hosting a live Symposium on being single, saved but still wanting sex. People have now requested that her social media accounts be deleted all because of one word on the flyer: "Horny".

What Does It Mean To Be Healed For Real??

Reader, this post is about healing and what happens when God doesn't heal? Why doesn't God heal everyone? Why does God only heal certain people and not everyone who sincerely prays for healing? These are great questions and the life context of the questions is all too familiar. What if God doesn't heal me?  The issue arises in our darkest hours—in the hospital ward, in the doctor's office, when the unfavorable test results return. Can I be operating in a lack of faith when I ask questions? 

Anyway, I came across the above flyer on the WWW and the following question below the break from Apostle David A Roger Facebook page it got me to thinking.

A Discussion: What Does The Transgender Debate Mean For The Black Church??

Reader many members of the Black Church are very concerned about the term "gender identity" and the concept of transgenderism. And, according to some, it's war time. What does it mean for Christ-followers to offer grace and love to persons struggling with intersex physiology or with psychological uncertainty about their gender role in relation to others?