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This Is A Rant!

Hello family! have you ever felt like it's too many silly people in the world? I have! Lord help me to forget the crazy people that I have meet along the way. Have you meet people that bring the worst out of you? These people will make you want to kill or hurt them.

That happen to me yesterday. I am a very easy going person but don't push me to the point of wanting to do bodily harm. My supervisor is a young white boy from Arkansas"Red Neck"his uncle own the company. He is 20 years old and has no experience dealing with people. what do he know about people nothing.

Just because you put something on paper,don't necessary mean it will work. I tried to tell this young fool that but, when you are the one in authority you can't here from people that you feel is beneath you. He comes by and tells me Ms. Ann I want you to put your work on this cart because you are taking to much time getting supplies. The problem with that is it's time consuming to do . You wi…