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Bring Me My Big Black Belt!

Have you ever paid close attention to the signs on the door of restaurants and grocery stores that say, “No shirt, No shoes, No service”? We can all agree that dirty, grimy feet can be a health hazard in any eating atmosphere. However, was the law meant for barefoot babies, the smallest of us all? With the heat, most mothers leave their baby’s feet bare in order to keep them cooler. Shoes and socks can overheat babies. Six month old babies cannot even walk. Yet, apparently, babies may be asked to leave if they are barefoot, even though their feet are often the cleanest feet to enter a restaurant. Any way, 2 women with a 6 month old baby tried to order food at a Burger King restaurant but when the manager saw the baby was barefoot, he asked them to leave citing health concerns. The two women put socks on the baby’s feet but that still wasn’t enough. When the women insisted that the rule shouldn’t apply to infant babies who couldn’t even walk and whose feet would never touch the floor …