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Great Reality TV.

This is one of my favorite shows on Wednesday nights. I think a person of color has been in all episodes. This season person of color was put out early in the show. Last year Michael Knight won the fan favor. His collection was great. I read some where that they use decoys to throw the views off. I hope that Christian the young man on this season is not the decoy because I have pick him to win it all. What he did with those 505 jeans was great. He has a gift that is out of this world. I am hoping he win.

Do you watch the show if so, who do you see as the winner? It comes on Bravo at 9:00. It is a great show if you like reality TV. Christian design a prom dress for a client who happen to be black and she kinda gave him hell . She had her mine already made up about what she wanted but I guess he had his mind about what he wanted so they kinda clash. The judges got on to him about not taking control of the situation.