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Le'Andria Johnson: I disagree with all the pastors and bishops that sit their members down for whatever type of behavior they have.

Grammy-winning gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson seems to be a little upset at how church folks have shun and turn their backs on her while being pregnant outside of marriage:

 “You get pregnant out of wedlock and the whole world turns against you" 
The above quote is from an interview Ms.Johnson did with Essence Magazine in early September. Judging from the above quote,it's proof positive that many Christians( including my self) have a real hard time sometime dealing with church authority. Ms.Johnson seem to be a tad bit bitter at the response she have received from many in the Christian community and the church.   Also,judging from the above quote it seems as if Ms.Johnson is in a state of rebellion and defiance toward church authority. Ms. Johnson is  upset with the number of pastors and bishops who would not allow her to perform in their house of worship while being pregnant out of wedlock.

I believe if any person who is an active participant in Christ’s Church should exp…