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One Big Happy Family?

Have you seen the new reality TV show "One Big Happy Family"? The show premiered Monday on TLC ...Now each of the four "big and happy" members of the Cole family weighs more than 300 pounds....This [show] is about fat people living in a skinny world... The six-episode documentary reveals the challenges of being morbidly obese, as well as the family's attempts to lose weight on their own...Norris Coles, 41, weighs 340 lbs. His wife Tameka, 36, weighs 380 lbs. Their daughter Amber, 16, weighs 348 lbs. Son Shayne, 14, weighs 308 lbs. Shayne is at risk for diabetes, but his mom sees nothing wrong with shoveling sugary snacks on the teen — which he happily devours. Amber admits that for her, food has become an addiction In fact, each of The Coles relish indulging in eats. However, the family has decided to turn to each other for the motivation to lose weight. Coles Family matriarch Tameka hopes that documenting their weight loss journey on the small screen wi…