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There Will Be No Diplomas Handed Out In Churches This Year.

At least not in Georgia any way. In the last couple of years it has been a fairly common practice to hold graduation ceremonies in churches.  But, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution unlike in years past,  none of the DeKalb County high school graduation ceremonies will occur in churches this year.

 This is a big move for Dekalb County Schools, considering they have used Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia for many years in the past. Some say it's the right thing to do while others or questioning the school board move.  I also read a  comment stating that Cobb County which is also located in Georgia in one year held over four graduation ceremonies at Turner Chapel AME Church in Marietta.

 Personally, I've always viewed this particular arrangement between church and school as simply a business transaction where the school is paying the church to use their facilities for a graduation ceremony. Never understood the big deal here!


Kudos And High Five To Bishop Eddie Long And The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church!

Praise, hats off, pat on the back, congratulations, shout out and a high five to Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church family.  According to their Facebook page the church is preparing to baptize close to 400 souls tomorrow morning for the kingdom of God. Job well done!
Update: picture below of candidates ready for baptism. To God be the glory.

Atlanta Mega-Church Was Forced To Downsize Easter Service.

Man hard times are hitting everyone.. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, annual Easter service was forced to leave the Georgia Dome for the first time in more than 15 years. Bishop Eddie Long said his church revenues were off by about 20 percent from last year, a significant drop...which has forced his ministry to make changes like cutting back on its televised services and focusing more on online streaming to reach more viewers -- and potential donors. Impromptu job fairs have broken out on Sunday morning to connect those able to hire with members looking for work.

Since 1993, the megachurch -- which boasts a 25,000-member congregation that is largely black and mostly middle-class -- has held its annual Easter service at the Dome, attracting crowds of up to 40,000 that have included athletes, entertainers, politicians and entrepreneurs...Sitting governors have been among those in the pews, and candidates for office have also stopped by to w…