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"Praise & Worship (Tuesday) Question? Why Are So Many Black Men Incarcerate And The Black Church Don't Seems To Care?

For every 1,000 crimes America now locks up five times as many people as it did in 1975."
The bad news is that many are inclined to blame the black poor themselves, directing attention away from the corporations who profit from the growth of the prison state, the politicians who built careers selling it to us, and the edifice of white American culture which fundamentally defines itself as the opposite in every way of its poor, unworthy, and now dangerous Black citizens.

It’s high time mass incarceration of the young Black poor is put on the Black Church front burner and kept there till something changes. That's what Jena was about. It’s time for a new mass movement in our Black Churches that will expose the complicit silence of Black leadership on mass Black imprisonment, one that will begin to make continuation of these unjust public policies impossible.What do you think, do the Black Church need to step up to the plate? We have to many young men going to prison and the ch…