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Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy!!

What do you think about a fashion line for pregnant teens? I believe it's a great idea!!From reading a couple of articles.... it looks like "The Fashion Chain Forever 21" have did  just that....The chain announced last month that they were rolling out a maternity line for young mothers-to-be in five states....And out of the five states  three  states already have the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country...Forever 21 have/has  been  accused of glamorizing teen pregnancy....I read a lot of negative things about the chain starting a maternity line in which I completely disagree with the charge against the chain store.

I really would like to give them a high 5 and shout of hallelujah praise for recognizing and filling that gap.....I'm  tired of seeing young pregnant teen girls with skimpy clothing  on while pregnant....What about younger married women  having children that want a trendier look?What's wrong with cute trendy inexpensive maternity clothing for the…