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Sunday's (Responsive Readings) " Black Women"

Today, O Lord, we honor black women-carriers and cultivators of culture. In a lush African garden, your hands fashioned her as Mother of Creation. Bless her now as she continues to pass culture on to future generations.Thank you for black women, Lord. Their descendents have blessed the earth.Bless black women now, Lord, as they continue to educate and lead their people.Strengthen black women, Lord. Their genius has enriched the earth.Bless black women now, Lord, as they fight against injustice through strategies for hope, survival, and advancement.Empower black women, Lord. Their bravery has ennobled the earth.Bless them now, Lord, as their moans and hums, whispers and shouts make our land beautiful.Inspire black women, Lord. Their beauty has adorned the earth. Black women prayed and preached, healed and helped faithfully at all times. As prayer warriors, they knew how to trust you, O God, especially in times of trouble. Their triumph has sparked fire in our souls. May the lighgt tha…