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Aretha Franklin Hat And The Uninformed White American.

I've read various accounts of what some journalist and commentators had to say about Aretha Franklin hat during the Inauguration and quite frankly, I am not surprised at all. When you consider how much attention Aretha Franklin hat has received. One journalist even went so far to say that Aretha was trying to make the Inauguration "all about her" by wearing such a huge, attention grabbing hat.

Please! this proves the point that African- American has spent so much time learning about others culture(his-story) when in re- turn no one has taken time to learn about African- American culture or history. You got Ellen DeGeneres and others making stupid remarks about Aretha's hat because they don't understand our culture. When in reality "church hats"are deeply rooted in black, southern culture. If you grew up in the South are African-American that's just something you witnessed at church services weekly. Please It's , no big deal.…