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Being Honest About Sin!

I want to commend this young man church home as well as his record label for taking a solid stand for what they believe is the right thing to do ...Especially in a day when taking moral & ethical stands seem obsolete....We don't talk much about sin anymore...It's not a big deal! Wrong! Sin will cost you everything...In the past Christian hated it, feared it, fled from it and grieved over it. The truth is Sin feels good but in reality it also causes us pain;especially the ones we love....The statement below does not say the young man was dropped, from his record label or kick out; it says promotion of him is discontinued, which means they set his behind down until he gets restored....Some gospel sites has put it as if he has being dropped by his record label which is very misleading for people( we no how church folks are) I was shock when I heard this....Now I was first introduce to this young man and his music about a year a go through Lionel Woodsblog...I …