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Stokely Carmichael In A Designer Dress.

That's Juan Williams description of first lady Michelle Obama last month on The Bill O'Reily show. Because of his comment and some listeners complaints NPR is speaking out about Mr. Williams. Thank you NPR!

This is my opinion of Juan Williams he's a typical self-hating black Republican and I am so tired of black Republicans being warriors against the black race for their white counterparts. Too many black Republicans are choosing to use their voices as a tool to stroke the egos of white America. First Lady Michelle is not just a mother, but she has her Juries Doctorate which really pisses your typical Fox Viewer off who believed that somehow America is rightfully theirs simply because they are white. Michelle Obama has shown nothing but class for the past year and deserves better than what the press and media are portraying her as. She is a well educated person which is threatening to most of the establishment because she speaks her mind and is able to …