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Crocs Get The Boot At Some Schools.

Did you know some schools don't allow flip-flops? Well it look like Crocs will be next. Crocs, are those cute little clogs like shoe. Swiss-cheese-like, which are so comfortable. More public schools are instituting a stricter style dress codes, and Crocs, along with generic sandals and flip-flops, aren't fitting the closed-toe, closed-heel criteria.
Another trend, Hollywood's obsession with hats, is also proving scarce: Many schools don't allow headgear, including hoodies and even headbands, to be worn indoors. In some elementary schools, Crocs are a safety question. Though most schools are escalator-free — in the past year, the Croc-escalator cocktail has been blamed for injuring the toes of a few children — administrators say monkey bars and Crocs, as well as sandals and flip-flops, don't mix.My two and a half year old grand-baby and every single one of her little friends live in their Crocs. We all think they’re so cute decorated with their little Jibbi…