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"Faith Stimulus Package."

The pastor of an Alabama Church called it a "Faith Stimulus Package." The recipients may call it a miracle...Bay Community Church in Malbis, Ala., gave away $50,000 to its parishioners...Instead of asking its members for donations, the trustees of Bay Community doled out cash. Each of the church's 2,000 congregants walked away with an envelope containing between $20 to $100...But there's a catch; the cash is not for them.
Along with various amounts of cash, the envelopes contained instructions to "turn around and bless someone.""The instructions were simple, you can't give it back to the church and you can't spend it on you and your family," Associate Senior Pastor Trey Taylor told WALA-TV. Taylor masterminded the plan to spread goodness and cash during tough economic times...The generous reverse-tithe took some parishioners by surprise. Many in the congregation broke out their wallets, thinking that the 2,000 white envelopes making their w…