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God Made Gay People Also.

If God Made Every Body then He made Gay People also. Should we be teaching our young people to be more open-minded about homosexuality? What would you say if your son (or daughter) came out to you on the sin of homosexuality? There are people who clearly want to say that homosexuality is okay. They live and work in a social world in which that is the only politically correct position. And yet, when it comes to their own children they would definitely not be OK with them being gay.

I have a friend who told me Sunday that she believe that her son is gay. My responds was do you have proof? No! he just act like it. We have a different take on things when it's not our thing. Some people will say I don't have a problem with homosexuality as long as it's not my child. You no we will say it's nice for other people children to be gay or to have gay friends, but one's own child is a different story. I know because that's was my thinking before my son became…