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Is There A Season Of Preparation For New Christian?

What is a seasoned rendered competent through trial and experience believer? Do God want new Christians  to sit down for a season and be TAUGHT? Have you ever tired to “witness” to a ""Jehovah Witness, Mormon or  Muslin""? It's not easy! Especially if you don't know the Scriptures...The lack of knowledge is  why so many Christians  get beat down  because they don't know but others do the Bible...I ask those questions because for some reason  young  Christians are under the impression that as soon as someone gets saved or give his/her  life  to Christ.... That they can immediately go out and witness to others.

I believe this to be a bad idea...Don’t get me wrong, I know the saying…”God can use anyone, anytime, anywhere,He can use me etc…I'm not saying God don't/can't use young people as in age... I'm saying if you're a  seasoned believer who  have spent time …