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"Grace and Mercy" Saturday Random Post! Why My Son Won't Leave?

I found this article and thought it was a good example of what I am dealing with. What do you think about young people that want move out of your house?
There is a new and important stage in life in American culture, and it is not entirely clear that the Christian church understands or particularly knows what to do with it. I am talking about what scholars call "emerging adulthood." This is the time of life between ages 18 and 30, roughly, a phase which in recent decades has morphed into quite a new experience for many. Researchers in sociology, psychology, and human development have been investigating the contours of this new life stage and have some fascinating stuff on the subject, whose findings are well worth pondering for their implications for church and culture.To grasp the significance of emerging adulthood, it is necessary first to realize that life stages are not naturally given as immutable phases of existence. Rather, they are cultural constructions that interact…