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Women Pastors.

I got into a debate yesterday about women serving as pastors or preachers. Now this has always been one of those highly debated issues. While this may seem like a men vs. women issue I don't believe it to be.Now I believe everybody has their God-ordained place in the family of God and we should praise God for what He has given us to do within that holy place and not trespass on another responsibility.
Are women call to pastor churches? Are women call to teach the word of God? Are women call to preach the word of God? I mean from the pulpit? Now this is 3 different questions therefore, there will be 3 different answers.

Now the Word of God has been clear on this matter for centuries. It is only due to the spirit of control in these last days that this has begun to rise again among some. We are not to be misled like Eve who fell for the serpent's lies (Gen. 3:13, 1 Tim. 2:14). We should not let the plain and simple Scriptures be twisted to our own self-destruction (2 Cor. 11…