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Winnie Mandela Calls on South Africa To Stand Behind Caster Semenya

The former wife of Nelson Mandela has called on all of South Africa to stand behind gender-row athlete Caster Semenya after claims the 800m champion runner is a hermaphrodite...Winnie Mandela spoke out as Caster's mother Dorcus reacted with fury to the report that her daughter has both male and female sex organs, but no womb or ovaries... The Sydney Daily Telegraph published the details yesterday after reportedly speaking to a source close to the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF)....I am Sorry! but to me this should NOT have been published until the young lady was aware of the results and whether she wanted it published...Come on is there so little compassion left in the media and the world....That an 18 year old can be subjected to worldwide humiliation of such personal nature?...It is quite disgraceful that her privacy has not been better protected and that she has not been treated with greater respect...The report as claimed Caster has three times mo…