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Fear Hurts Us All.

I have always loved Will & Grace and thought it was one funny show. I thought it was great acting even doth they were role playing. Too me this show proves that if you reinforce something long enough whether it be positive or negative it will impact you in some form or another.
I believe because of shows like Will & Grace, Six feet under and others shows make it possible for young people to be more accepting of gay people and their lifestyles. Because of greater exposure to gay people than what my generations had makes it more acceptable. Fewer gays are in the closet and the average age for "coming out" is now 16, down from the mid-20s in the 1970s.

Knowing someone who is openly gay or lesbian is the single biggest predictor of tolerance on same-sex marriage. And if you don't personally know someone who's gay, you'll find plenty of gay characters and culture on TV. Recent research by a professor of communications at the University of Min…