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Why Are We Asking God To Bless The Sin Of Adultery?

I've been to  many blogs and  web sites....Were  young people are petitioning  asking God to bless Ms.Keys and her new husband...But I ask to whose prayers does God respond? Why would God bless this marriage oppose to the marriage this man had with his formal wife? I'm asking it, because some people actual think  that we can bend God's plan to our own desires.... In so doing, we can make God our servant and ourselves the master. God doesn't favor adultery.He commands us all to stay away from it, to steer clear of its temptations.... However today's  society is actually telling us a different story....If you think about it a lot things  occurring in the media nowadays, the things they show on TV, the things they air on the radio, what they film in the movies, a lot of things doesn’t go along well with God’s commandment and just what the Bible are stating about adultery. "May God bless them" Please stop with the foolishness asking God to bless the  sin of a…