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Movies That Just Aren't Funny: White Chicks

Two FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) try to get back into their boss's good graces by taking on a job guarding the Wilton sisters, two New York City hotel heiresses, from a serial kidnapper. They fail, and the two women are abducted. The agents then go undercover, dressing up as the titular "white chicks" to solve the crime and rescue the victims.
You know some movies you just can't stand to watch because you already no it's not a good movie. For me it would be white Chick.. It's been playing in my area for a couple of weeks now. One thing is I don't like the actors the Wayans Brothers. They can not act and they are not funny, to me. They look so silly trying to act like white women. Do you have a movie that just don't set well with you? If so which one was it?