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What Is Christian Yoga?

What is Yoga? What is Christian Yoga? Why would a Christian church allow the practice of Yoga? "Why does everyone think that you will be possessed by demonic spirits if you do yoga? As a teacher of Christian Yoga at church, our class has found a closer relationship with Jesus by using the many physical benefits that yoga offers. You do not have to be a Hindu to honor the body that God has given us. Your faith must be weak to think that practicing yoga would influence you to any eastern mysticism" Is Yoga simply a relationship with a god? I stumbled across that quote above and this definition...So after reading that quote and definition I can't see why a Christian would/should or want to practice Yoga.... Is it not in a sense dabbling in the occult under the pretense of healthy living? If so isn't that a form of deception?....The word yoga comes from the biblical word, yoke which in turn originated from the root word in Sanskrit jugit.... Both …