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I Was Trick By The Enemy.

I don't understand why she would be posing in Vanity FairMagazine nudeany way. What message was she trying to send to young girls any way.
Miley Cyrus, the 15-year-old churchgoing television sensation, yesterday apologized to her millions of teen fans for posing nearly nude in Vanity Fair magazine. At 15 should she been taking nude photos anyway? Were was her parents when she made this move? Don't you look at the photos before they are published? I ask those questions because I have seen those girls screaming when she comes out on stage. This Hollywood thing has cause many of people to fall from grace. They have been marketing her as a Christian girl. You can't live in both worlds, you have to make a choice.
The teenager, who plays Hannah Montana in an American teen soap opera of the same name, made by Disney, said that she thought that the photo-shoot led by the photographer Annie Leibovitz was supposed to be “artsy not skanky”. This is the same photographer who c…