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Over Vaccination Of Our Kids.

There's a bill been introduced in New York that would mandatory that all children be vaccinate in order to attend school. There are various rules that would come along with the bill, including required shots for children up to age 18 for things such as annual flu shots, human papilloma virus, meningococcal these things would require doctors to issue certificates for shots give and parents would have to maintain these records for their children's schools and other authorities.

The problem with this is that many doctors considered them to be unnecessary, there is also the issue of over vaccination in some infants and children leading to serious problems such as autism. Toni Braxton was on Larry King's show in April and was speaking about autism and how it has effected her life. Some parents are speaking about how over vaccination may cause some forms of autism. Here are some examples of CDC recommended vaccination for infants:
-DTaP is a combined vaccination for …