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Is Suicide Ever Forgiven?

In my home town of about sixty thousand people in the last couple of months there have been over six young black boys who have taken their own life...All 6 death have been by hanging...Now I don't no why or what's going on but the last young man was up set that his mom took away his cell phone...So he hung himself in his closet...Another young man went to church with his parents came home after service ate dinner with his father then went out side and took his life by using his basket ball goal...Now this question was ask in Sunday School yesterday... Someone wanted to know what do you say to someone's family member who had committed suicide?.. They also wanted to no if that person goes to heaven or not and are they forgiven?..I no there are some Catholics and some others who say that death with unconfessed sin of any kind hinders entrance to heaven.... There is not much Bible to support such a view... The Bible pretty convincingly paints a picture of entra…