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Praise & Worship ( Tuesday ) Top 10 Issues Facing the Church Today

Net surfing and found this article were Lifeway surveyed over 1,300 ministry leaders to compile a list of the 10 greatest issues facing the church in the future. Here is their list. What do you think? In other words this is what White America see as issues. I did not say we have a different God than white America. But I see some issues that are not address on this list that maybe our community is facing. The church is the community well it use to be. Here is what I see: 1). Aids 2). Unemployment 3). Housing 4). Crime 5). Education. Can you add to either list and what is your comment on this issue?

The Top 10 Issues Facing Today’s Church

10. Abortion
The church's lack of an effective response to 30+ years of legalized abortion.

9. Homosexuality
The rising social pressure to accept same-sex behavior and relationships.

8. Relevance
The seeming inability of the church to answer questions one has living in the "real world."

7. Marriage
The negative effects on families that res…