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Bible Study ( Wednesday ) What Happen To Our Youth?

Remember how Sodom and Gomorrah were portrayed? Drunken men with multiple piercings and bright red robes, with one loose woman under each arm. Guess what? That is going on in our culture today. First of all, there's sex. There seem to be neither boundaries nor taboos any more when it comes to sex. Anything goes- from heterosexual to homosexual to bi-,trans-,poly-. and you don't want to know sexual experiences. Sex has become a ubiquitous, cheap, meaningless quest for ever-greater thrills. The guy no longer has to lie to the girl pretend he likes her or take her out to dinner to get sex – he just has to show up.

What about body piercing? It has progressed from traditional earrings for females, to earrings for males to multiple piercings for both males and females in literally every part of the body – the tongue, nose, eyebrow, lip, cheek, navel, breasts, genitals – again, things you don't really want to know.
It's the same progression to extremes with tattooing. But wh…