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Can Megachurches Bridge The Racial Divide?

That's the title of a Time online article...From one Christian to another I don't believe the church mission is to bridge gaps...The true mission of the church is to save souls for Christ...And I believe that mission can be carried out in a segregated church on Sunday morning....As long as the segregation is based on culture and not race I don't have a problem with it... Different cultures have different worship styles.... They are all good.... They reflect the diverse nature of God.... I believe all Christian worship the same God but we celebrate him through different means (different languages, expressions, music, cultural contextualization) As human beings we are so different...There's no single church that can possibly reach everyone.... Have you ever thought about why the gospels were written with specific groups in mind? It had nothing to do with race but more about culture....And think about this why would God used four books to communicate the one life…