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The Three-Fifths Clause.

Three-fifths Clause a clause that equated five slaves to three free persons in The USA? Even though the effects and implications of it has gone through legal amendments in the U.S. Constitution, the Clause is still there. In Article I, Section of the U.S. constitution appears the Three-fifths Clause, which explains the apportionment of representation and taxation. So still today that Article is in the Constitution. Some thing to think about.

During our nations history there was alot of compromises being made about the slaves and their freedom. This was the first compromise. While the U.S. Constitution was being written, the good old south decides not to sign it. The good old south wanted their slaves to be used for the purpose of the counting of taxes. The northerners did not want this to happen. If the South were to be allowed to do this, they would have more Representatives. This was a problem because the north thought it was unfair for the slave owner to vote and have th…