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A Picture That Words Can Not Express.

Being made in God's likeness gives us amazing potential. But sometimes it takes "a man of understanding" to recognize it and "draw it out." Too many of us are gifted at seeing the obvious. We're quick to label people as arrogant, quick-tempered or weak. But a person with spiritual insight sees beyond that to the hopes and fears behind their behavior.

The people who knew Simon knew his tendency to shoot from the hip and be impulsive. But Jesus saw something else. That's why He renamed him Peter, meaning a rock or pillar suitable for a foundation. Can't you imagine the look on the disciples faces when Jesus said "You Peter...upon this rock I will build my church, and...hell will not conquer it". (Mt 16:18 ) But Peter did become a pillar a respected leader and founder of the church. And all because of Jesus' ability and willingness to look beyond his surface-level qualities to what was inside. Today we need more:

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