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The Power Of Prayer!

Our President Barack Obama, leader of "the free world", has admitted that while he used to pray every night. "Now I pray all the time,’’ he said in an interview last month. WOW! that's a powerful statement and when you consider what prayer is then you can get it. See I have heard it said ... and have said myself, that prayer is just communication between us and God. The communication is not prayer.
The communication is the result of prayer. Now just because you have bowed your head and said some things. Maybe read something that is written out, Or talked out to someone in the great somewhere, does not necessarily mean you have prayed. Prayer is so much more.... The essence of prayer does not just consist in asking God for, whatever is on our hearts. Whether praying for ourselves or others. Question can you pray for someone with out knowing their personal needs? Yes! I believe you can. What I have discovered it don't matter. When I pray for my family the l…