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Church Cliches!

If you grew up around or been part of The Black Church like I have then most likely you've heard alot of different church cliches like I have .....So what I've done is combined a list of some of my favorites cliches from memory....Now if you can think of others please leave them in the comment section.
Sow a seed! Turn to your neighbor & say… God don’t bless no mess! God don’t like ugly! God helps those who help themselves! Praise yo way thru it! When the praises go up the blessings come down! God hates sin, not the sinner! Who’s your spiritual covering? I’ll pray for you! No one’s perfect! Touch not God’s anointed! He who is without sin cast the first stone! Don’t judge! I’m coming’ out! It’s not over til God says it’s over! God ain't through with me yet! You don’t know my story! No test, no testimony! I plead the blood! The devil is a liar & the truth ain't in him! Even the devil knows the bible!God knows my heart! I feel the anointing! I’m blessed &a…