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What Not To Wear To Church.

This happens every summer. A pastor some were have to stand in the pulpit and deal with the arrival of tank tops, flip-flops and shorts. No one wants to admit that modesty and respect are on the decline. They have to remind people that it's God’s house and they are supposed to be dressing for The King. Then comes the retort: God doesn’t care about suits and skirts. He sees only the heart. This has gotten so bad that some churches are holding what not to wear to church classes. It's causing divisions among the old and the young, clergy and lay members too. The question is how do we humans worship THE KING OF KINGS? I remember going to a wedding were the bride and her maids could not have bare shoulders. Should churches posted signs in the church’s vestibule stating what acceptable and what's not? I believe you can not operate above what you no. There is a unwritten rules about dressing for church especially in the black church. So do I think that …