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Praise & Worship ( Tuesday ) Random Post: Birth Order

Dear Publisher, My four sons, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, have each written books about a man named Jesus of Nazareth whose life was just one miracle after another. You won't be able to put these books down. The closing chapter of each one includes a beyond-and-back scene. Consider the possibilities! You could option any of their books to the television networks who could arrange for viewers to call in to vote on whether or not Jesus came back from the dead. But since none of my boys are talk-show hosts nor are they related to Oprah I'm taking a year off to help them with public relations for their books. I'm afraid the four books may all look alike to you, so I, as the boys' mother, will explain the differences among the boys and their books. MATTHEW, first-born. If there was ever a Jewish mother's boy, Matthew is it. He can quote the Torah and the prophets jot and tittle, as you'll see in this manuscript. His book wouldn't sell to the TBN crowd, but…