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1st Sunday Question?: Why are Christians For The Death Penalty?

Christians today are often in favor of the death penalty because of biblical support. The institution is clearly just, as it was used by God in the Old Testament, therefore its use is appropriate today. 21st century Christians, however, are quick to condemn slavery. Not because of a lack of biblical support, but because we can see that the context of biblical slavery is vastly different from the the way in which it was practiced 160 years ago. American slavery, obviously, was a tool of racism and oppression. I therefore find it immensely satisfying that for every southern Christian who defended the instutution, there were one or more abolitionists who fought against slavery in the name of Christ.

I hope that Christians will look past simple biblical support and into the heart of the American criminal justice system. The death penalty is just not working in large American communities. It, like slavery, has become a tool of racism and oppression. The death penalty, if it is ever to be…