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Do Chris Brown Have Street Creds Now?

After reading and hearing about young Chris Brown this morning it got me to thinking. Why? I don't no what took place and that's not what this post about.After,reading a blog in which the author stated that Mr.Brown has street cred now. Whatever, that supposedly mean I don't no.

Any way, Why is it for many Black and Hispanic youth’s living in some communities, going to jail has become a badge of honor? Why is this such a very puzzling phenomenon? Why is it the stigma of going to “juvenile” used to be shameful, it is now a sign of being “hard” or being “down”? Why is it that so many “minority” youth have become so willing to bide with “doing a bid?”

I know many blame hip-hop culture for this phenomenon, because of its glorification of violence, criminal behavior and glorification of the “thug” lifestyle. However I don't see that as been entirely true. If you think about it young Black and Hispanic men have been incarcerated in America long before there was any suc…