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Happy Usher's Day!

Reader, in many black churches, the usher board, and the music department are the only auxiliaries of the church that systematically train and prepare younger people for their service in the church. A number of black churches now have junior deacon programs.The black church in the United States, as an institution, functions with, and is supported by, numerous auxiliaries, boards, and departments. These working arms of the church enable the body of Christ to carry out its basic missions of spreading the gospel, attending to the needs of the people, and assuring the church’s administrative, physical and spiritual components remain in accord with governing Biblical principles and accepted religious tenets.
Generally, the form of auxiliaries, boards, and departments in individual black churches are determined by the age, denomination, size, location and specific needs of the church body. However, there is one auxiliary that most modern black churches have, regardless of their age, denomi…