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The Black Church Will Never Turn Against Jesus!

There's  an "entity" among us...who's   trying to use what's going on with the bishop to push an agenda...I'm sorry but "The Black Church" ain't buying it.
Some one emailed  me this question: Now that Bishop Eddie Long have been unwrap for the world to see.....will "The Black Church now change/alter it views of gays? My answer is NO! The Black Church"still  believe and will always believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that is unnatural and unacceptable by the church...."The Black Church" have always believe that homosexual behavior conflicts with the word of God and that judgement for that  sin and all sin is left only for GOD judgement....therefore, "The Black Church" cannot/will not embrace homosexuality within the church....for "The Black Church" to embrace such a lifestyle would mean it's going against the solid teaching of  Jesus...I don't see the church leaving behind  the Solid Fou…