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Have You Read The Entire Bible?

I recently came across a statistic claiming that only about 10% of professing Christians have read the entire Bible....That's right 10%!! Now I’m not saying that claim is correct, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that only a minority of believers have read the Bible in its entirety...If the statistic are correct..... No wonder so many people can be “led astray” in terms of what the Bible says concerning different things.... I really think that anyone could incorporate an ongoing read-through-the-Bible project if they take the time to plan how they are going to accomplish it... For me, I found a Bible plan many years ago that work wonderful for me..The Chronological Plan allow you to read the events of the Bible in the order they resource..God’s Word is our link to eternity and our life-preserver in this life... It’s worth pressing through and reading it all–the benefits are priceless!Question: Have you read the entire Bible? If not, what stopped you, and do …