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1st Sunday (Communion) Question? Can You Past The Faith Test?

Not one of us will be exempt from the testing of our faith in this world. And when stepping out in faith we often experience risks, changes, sometimes tragedy, or face any number of different problems. Abraham understood this, Moses understood this, Job understood it and most definitely Jesus knew this.5 of Life's Tests:Change: Change can be a frightening thing especially if we're used to taking control of our own lives. I'm an analytical person. Organization and direction help me to feel safe and in control. So when there is change in my life it is a test of my faith. Can I really put my trust in God and know that wherever He decides to take me is okay, because He is Lord of my life?Letting Go: Letting go seems to be one of the hardest things for many of us. When we as Christians turn our lives over to Christ, we are giving up our old selves and asking Jesus to direct us as Lord. This is an act of our faith. As God works in our lives telling us to give up our sinful natur…