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Scared Silent.

I was listening to "Tell Me More" on NPR the other day and Mildred Muhammad was on talking about how fearful she was of her ex-husband...Who by the way was the Beltway Sniper...She was saying on October 23, 2002, she was visited at her Maryland home by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents.... They'd come to inform her that her ex-husband, John, had begun shooting people around her.... She said they told her "You are the target."
She said in her new book,Scared Silent, she talk about her 12-year marriage to John...How things started out well, but John became emotionally and physically abusive after he returned from an Army tour during the Gulf War....She said she was convinced that his plan was to kill her so that he could regain custody of the children he lost in 2001 and to get compensation for them as crime victims."I was recalling every frightening comment John had ever made to me. He once said, 'When a man hits a wom…