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Tax The Mega Church!!

The Tennessee State Board of Equalization, which decides tax exemptions for churches...has contended that a GYM, BOOKSTORE and CAFE are commercial enterprises and should be they sent a  South Nashville megachurch  $425,000 property tax assessment bill...the 2,300-member Christ Church insists that's an outdated view of how churches operate, and those enterprises should be considered part of ministerial outreach."They think a church worships on Sunday and then everybody goes away," pastor Dan Scott said. "Anything else you do is not church. But Christianity is not something you dive into once a week."This is certainly an interesting case....I believe churches should be taxed on all revenue....religion has become   a for-profit business....I'm glad some one is challenging this...and they should go after other commercial enterprises that operate under the guise of "religion." also those churches that are able to give million dollar donation…