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Coming Out Of The Closet.

Orman's coming out was mentioned in an interview that's almost a year-old. I'm glad that she freed herself. I still find it fascinating that some public figures are so successful in concealing their homosexuality. That can't be a pleasant way to live even if the person is wealthy.

I don't care that Suze Orman is gay. She is on top of the personal finance game and making big money to boot. Through her presentation on Women and Money I've learned to value my time and talents and not give them away.
Thanks, Suze Orman!

We judge people quickly with out knowing them but in this case we got to know Suze before she came out. So, do you think by her establishing her self made it easy for her fans to accept her advice with out question her sexuality? Now that you know her life style would/could you receive advice from her?

It's 2008 and far more women are single either through divorce or have never been married. Many women, though single, are also mothers. I kno…