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Replacing Retiring Justice Souter.

President Obama vowed that he would replace retiring Justice Souter with an "independent" legal mind...But for the past 48 hours the talk is how to make the Supreme Court look more like America... Out of the hundreds of people who have served as a Justice of the Supreme Court, there has been 2 African-Americans, 2 women, no Hispanics, no Asians, no Arabs, no Native Americans, and no openly gay or lesbian Justices... I don't believe in identity politics for the sake of identity politics... Having someone like Clarence Thomas as the "African-American Justice" does not benefit the Supreme Court or the African-American community... However, just as different practice backgrounds lend something to the court, the different life experiences that minorities still face in this country also adds something to the court when facing tough issues like what additional remedies for discrimination are still needed... There is, of course, also the political benefit to the …