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Steve Harvey And TBN!

Steve Harvey was on TBN Monday night pushing his secular book on to the Body of Christ....And why doing his book promotion Steve made a statement that just didn't sit well with me: "some Christians make the path to narrow and should broaden it"Now, Steve Harvey if Christians keep moving the marker away from God's Word there won't be but one path left and my brother Steve that will be the wide path....I believe it's up to us to chose which path we travel.... To me Steve is just another secular artist who's pimping church folks with his wares...Let me state for some what's the difference between secular and religious: One works as a pastor, evangelist, missionary, translator, or christian teacher as religious worker....a secular worker is a postman, a farmer, a lawyer, a construction worker, an actor or a RADIO HOST! From Wikipedia: Broderick Steven "Steve" Harvey (born January 17, 1957)[1] is an Americanactor, comedian, entertai…