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Which One Matter Constituency Or Loyalty?

Rep Tubbs-Jones is the ultimate status quo politician. She has so much vested in the old way, she had better stick with Hillary. This is not about character this is about what she can gain. We are not talking about her loyalty to Ms Clinton it's about her constituency. They are the ones that put her in office. What about what they want? Just because she wants to kiss Hillary butt don't mean the people she suppose represent want to do the same. She was on Rev. Al today talking that yang ,yang. She made the choice to support Hillary for president long before Sen Obama even declared his candidacies. So what! What about the people in your district? Her support is based on Hillary stand on the issues that good but what about the people? I believe it more of a personal thing. What your takes on Ms. Tubbs not doing the right thing as far as the people are concern? Is it about her are the people?