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Are The Somalis Just Defending Their Land And Shores?

I was reading two interesting articles today, just 3 days after Capt. Richard Phillips was rescued from that hostage situation in Somalian waters...the article explains why Somalians don’t condemn, and sometimes even encourage, their pirates... The argument has been tossed around the Internet a bit, but I haven’t seen it much in mainstream media, and especially not now that we’ve just recovered one of our very own from a dangerous situation...The argument is many Somali pirates are just trying to keep Somalia’s waters clean...Yes, that’s right!... Forget all the loot that comes with pirating... The pirates are merely conservationists, working in a country that has no government to do the dirty work they must take on. For the most part the Somali complaints goes toward European unions,who frequently dump waste illegally into Somalian waters... European companies were supposedly (and they might still be) paying warlords in Somalia to dump waste in the Indian ocean off the coast …